My name is Lisa. I am a 42 year old mother of 4 and just moved to the New Tampa area of Florida.

Art has been a passion of mine my entire life. I have tried my hand at quilting, book making, pottery, painting, drawing, scrap booking, computer graphics, drafting, even music and dance. But the interest that I continued to come back to was found with the camera. My interest began as a young child watching my dad take nature photos while on family vacations and was honored when he let me have a turn with his fancy camera. Then in collage I took several black and white photography classes and became obsessed with being in the dark room. In 2003 I moved to Alaska and bought my very first digital camera after my 3rd child was born. This is when I realized I loved taking photos of people, especially in nature. In 2004, after encouragement from my friends and family, I began my journey into the professional world of photography. In 2008 I moved to Ocean Springs MS where my photography has continued to grow. While living in MS I have found many wonderful sites around the coast just waiting to become part of a portrait. I look forward for the opportunity to create memories that you would be proud to display on your walls at home for everyone to see.