Monday, February 11, 2013

I miss it! And what should my new biz name be?

I miss taking photos! Many of you know from reading my Facebook that my life has been a bit chaotic for a while which has prevented me from doing any photo shoots. Such as a broken ankle, a move to Florida, and a new husband. If it was not for the new husband part of it all...I would not be as sane as I have been. 

I have been thinking for sometime about posting articles on how to take better photos of your children. You should still hire a professional for those special moments. Hire one for your family photos and those once of a life time photos like the birth of your baby and your wedding day. These articles will be how to take better everyday snapshots. What you will learn will even help you take better photos with your camera phone.

I am still putting the pieces together along with working on a new blog and website. Right now I am asking those who are interested to please let me know what kinds of articles you are looking for.

Another problem I am having is trying to figure out what my new biz name should be. My new last name is Eikenberry. I could use Lisa Eikenberry Photography. But I am worried that it is not easy to spell so may make it harder for people to find me. I was thinking of using the word Bokeh in my name but having a hard time finding a domain. So bring on your ideas and let me know what you think.

You can post your article ideas and name ideas on my blog, my Facebook or email me.

Here is one of my favorite photos of a sweet little girl that wanted most of the photo shoot to take place in the water.

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