Monday, September 19, 2011

Commercial work -SunRae Kids

Look at me! 2 blogs posts in a matter of a few days! Think I can keep it up?

On occasion I will do some commercial work to mix things up. A while back I photographed a clothing line for SunRae kids based out of Portland OR. One of the outfits was for my son Isaac. It was a little big on him so I put off photographing him in it. This morning while going though my sons cloths I found them again. In the same drawer I found his superman cape. It did not take me long to have a vision of what I wanted to do. It also did not take much convincing to get my 3 year old outside to run around for me. The weather this morning was also perfect with it's overcast skies.

Introducing the Red-blue blur AKA Isaac

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