Thursday, May 21, 2009

Brand New

I had a wonderful session with a 2 week old. I have not photographed one so young since I lived in Alaska. Two weeks or younger is in fact the best time to photograph infants to get the best photos.

This little doll slept for me most of the time and when she was awake she was so very precious.

It was quite hard to pick the ones I wanted to show.


MRS. LBS. said...

the last one is my favorite..I have a soft spot for fluffy baby setups.

jane said...

really sweet and simple compositions! doesn't hurt that my little niece is super cute. can't wait to see more of this work.

Myranda said...

GORGEOUS!! You make me want another baby! haha! Simply precious!

Marian said...

She's so so cute !! Great job Lisa!! I'm glad Susan got you to take photos of Alexis :) :)

You should do pets too!! Did you meet Cece and BeBe?

Lisa Campbell said...

@ Marian- Yes I did meet them. They are very cute! They did not like getting stuck for so long in the green house. But I think they still liked me :-)