Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009!

2008 sure has been a crazy roller coaster for me. Here is a list of the low down of my year.

Moved from Anchorage Alaska to Ocean Springs Mississippi.
Gave birth to my 4th child, thinking I could not have children again after a tubal ligation.
Started my photography business all over again.
Found a wonderful new church.
Made some wonderful new friends.
Sadly ending my marriage.
Starting over in 2009 as a single mom.

2009 will be a struggle but also a chance to start my life over again. With Gods help I know it will be a great year.

There will be many changes with Lisa Campbell Photography in 2009.

Mini leather brag books.
Canvas prints
Folded cards
Mats with easels for your prints.
Referral program to earn free prints.
And much more.

I will also be available for small outdoor weddings, engagement sessions and after wedding sessions.

Because the price list will be changing, all those who have not ordered for your 2008 photo shoots will have till the end of January 2009 to order at current prices. After February first everyone will order from the new price list.

I will also no longer have a home office due to an upcoming move. But I have a great place to hold meetings that I am very excited about. I will tell all soon.

Want to earn a free sitting fee or prints?

I am looking for a male and female senior to be a rep for the Ocean Springs High School.
I am looking for a bride recently married or you have been married for a long time and still fit in your dress. You must be willing to “trash your dress”.
I am looking for a mom that would like to have the birth of her child captured with a camera.
I am looking twins or triplets that are brand new.

Please e-mail me for details on earning your free sitting fee or prints.

Well that about wraps it up. I will be posting more information as I work out the details.

May all of you have a wonderful 2009!

So I don’t leave you with out a photo. Here is my favorite photo from a “Trash Your Dress” session when I lived in Anchorage Alaska.

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sionainn said...

Hey, I know her!

Catching up on your business blog - you need to crosspost to LJ or Facebook more often!

Hope you are well.... *hugs*