Saturday, October 4, 2008

Free sitting fee

I have been loving the beach and this weather so much that I want to give away some sitting fees. The first 5 people that book a date with me for the month of October will receive a free sitting fee.

Photos must be taken on the beach in Ocean Springs, MS
Photos must be taken in October of 2008
Sessions are to be done Monday-Friday. Sorry no weekends
Sessions are to start in the morning before 11am
But most of all!
Your kids must have fun! No worrying about what they wear because they might get dirty or wet.
Parents must have fun! I want to see you playing and having fun with your kids :-)

Please visit my website for pricing info.


Rachel in Alaska said...

Bet you're not missing the snow up here! That's right it's SNOWING right now!

Marian said...

Are you going to do another free sititng fee promotion anytime soon? Also, I swear I saw somewhere your pricing and now I can't find it.