Monday, February 11, 2013

I miss it! And what should my new biz name be?

I miss taking photos! Many of you know from reading my Facebook that my life has been a bit chaotic for a while which has prevented me from doing any photo shoots. Such as a broken ankle, a move to Florida, and a new husband. If it was not for the new husband part of it all...I would not be as sane as I have been. 

I have been thinking for sometime about posting articles on how to take better photos of your children. You should still hire a professional for those special moments. Hire one for your family photos and those once of a life time photos like the birth of your baby and your wedding day. These articles will be how to take better everyday snapshots. What you will learn will even help you take better photos with your camera phone.

I am still putting the pieces together along with working on a new blog and website. Right now I am asking those who are interested to please let me know what kinds of articles you are looking for.

Another problem I am having is trying to figure out what my new biz name should be. My new last name is Eikenberry. I could use Lisa Eikenberry Photography. But I am worried that it is not easy to spell so may make it harder for people to find me. I was thinking of using the word Bokeh in my name but having a hard time finding a domain. So bring on your ideas and let me know what you think.

You can post your article ideas and name ideas on my blog, my Facebook or email me.

Here is one of my favorite photos of a sweet little girl that wanted most of the photo shoot to take place in the water.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lisa Mills

I had the pleasure of photographing a wonderful blues artist recently. I was introduced to Lisa Mills last summer and have never missed a local show since. Not only is she one of the best blues singers I have ever heard, she is even more awesome since we share the same name.

Lisa's most recent album “Tempered in Fire” is always playing in my car. Other drivers probably think I am crazy seeing me sing my heart out to Lisa’s music. Some of her songs speak to me about the past - “I’m Changing” and “My Happy Song”, and others to a hopeful future - “These Arms of Mine” which was originally sung by Otis Redding, and “Tempered in Fire” which is a very sexy song. Another one of my favorites is one that puts me in a good mood no matter what my day is like “Keep on Smiling"
She is currently working on a new gospel album that I can't wait to hear!

To learn more about this wonderful artist check out her Website and like her on Facebook.

And for Mississippi locals Lisa will be playing at Mosaics May 11th and Hucks on May 26th.

I love that she picked out black & white photos as her favorites from our session!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The found hat

Last week My oldest child (the one that will not let me take his photo) found this really cool black hat. So this morning I took the little ones out for some quick photos with this new found hat. I only spent about 10 minutes total with my kids. Melllissa was trying really hard not to crack up, Isaac was just being silly and James was very serous. It took a poke from mom to get a little smirk out of him.

Here is a great way to find wonderful natural light for photos. Find a spot that is in the shade but near open light. Place your subject so they are facing the open light but still in the shade. No flash is needed and you have beautiful even light for your photos. You can see that their eyes also have wonderful catch-lights.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Commercial work -SunRae Kids

Look at me! 2 blogs posts in a matter of a few days! Think I can keep it up?

On occasion I will do some commercial work to mix things up. A while back I photographed a clothing line for SunRae kids based out of Portland OR. One of the outfits was for my son Isaac. It was a little big on him so I put off photographing him in it. This morning while going though my sons cloths I found them again. In the same drawer I found his superman cape. It did not take me long to have a vision of what I wanted to do. It also did not take much convincing to get my 3 year old outside to run around for me. The weather this morning was also perfect with it's overcast skies.

Introducing the Red-blue blur AKA Isaac

Friday, September 16, 2011

A favorite session from earlier this year

I know it has been a while since I have blogged a session. Life has been a little overwhelming and blogging has been one of the things left behind.

I wanted to share some images from one of my favorite sessions earlier this year. This family brought a boat along with them made by the child's grandfather before he died. So it is pretty sentimental to them.

Meet the "B" Family

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Casting Call!

Lisa Campbell Photography is looking for 3 babies to model a new clothing line. I am in need of babies sized 0-3 months, 3-6 months and 6-12 months. Only 1 outfit will be used for photo shoot. You will receive a $25 print credit and a free piece of clothing. Additional prints may be purchased. There is no cost to receive print credit and clothing. You must be willing to sign a model release/contract and realize that these photos will be put on multiple websites and in print. Your child's name may also be used for publication on-line or in print.  Do to the nature of these photos no digital files will be sold or given away. 

Location of photo shoot will take place in or near Ocean Springs and must be done on a weekday. 

Book a regular full session at the time of a model photo shoot and receive an extra $25 print credit.

Please contact Lisa Campbell at with a recent photo of your child if you are interested. 

Following is information on this adorable clothing  line.  

SunRae Kids is a labor of love by artist Alison Rae Campbell and her friend and business partner Sonia Halvorson. For years, appreciators of Alison's artwork have been asking if she considered doing a children's clothing line. When Alison moved to Portland Oregon, where her long-time friend Sonia was waiting, the time had come. The pair partnered to bring this line of happy monsters into fruition.

Everything at SunRae Kids is 100% organic, hand dyed, and hand printed by the artist with water-based inks.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lend me your home to try a new lens

Lend me your home and get some free photos.

Looking for a bright sunny home or a big back yard with good shade. You bring your friends with kids and I will bring a new lens I want to try out.

There is no cost to you or your guests. You only buy photos if you like what you see. The host will receive free photos based on the amount of sales.

The host should provide food or ask guess to bring some as a potluck.

Photos will be of children only at any age. Must have a minimum of 5 children from different families and no more than 10.

My goal is to get at least 5 photos of each child as well as some random photos of the kids playing together. This will be a great opportunity to get best friends together!

For questions and more details please shoot me an e-mail at

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mr. "C" is one year old!

I had a great time photographing this little man for the 2nd time. I love seeing my clients grow!